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被迫的坚强 -- Mandy Chen Yu Ju


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都说女孩子不要太坚强,否则会没有人疼。可是谁又知道,我不自立不自强不坚强,谁能在我需要肩膀的时候给我温暖?很多时候,我不是真的要坚 强,我是被迫在坚强。谁不知道,再坚强的女生心里总有块伤?不痛不代表没有被伤过。如果你懂,请不要只看到她的笑,你要看到她心底的泪。


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(2009) Drop 15F Oil on Canvas
In 1993, Yu-Ju moved from Taipei to New York City to expand her visual vocabulary by challenging her acceptance to alternative thought.  She received a Masters of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree from Long Island University.
Yu-Ju's work has since exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Houston and Taiwan. Her work has been acquired by private collectors in Taiwan, Japan and the United States. Though powerfully abstract with a tremendous affinity for color utilization much like her favorite contemporaries Georg Baselitz, Cy Twombly and Per Kirkeby; the most accurate comparisons of her work can be made with female artists such as Frida Kahlo and Susan Rothenberg because of the significance of the intended message. Yu-Ju's art is focused exclusively on the creational power of women and the energy that the nurturing of children exudes. Her inspiration to tell the story of the interlocking strength inherent of the maternal - fetal bond has increased since the birth of her first child in 2000. Her story depicted clearly in the enveloping 7"x5" (150F) oil on canvas work titled "Nest" has been documented in Director/Curator, Victoria Lu's 2002 book, 'History of (Contemporary) Taiwan Women Artists".
As a founding member of the Taiwan Breastfeeding Association, Yu-Ju continues to share her experience with other women to educate and develop together as mothers and creationists. She has recently illustrated and authored a children's picture book to educate those of all ages about the natural importance of nursing children.
Yu-Ju is the eldest child of Taiwan's prominent art couple, Professor Yin-Huei Chen (陳銀輝) and wife Sue-Zen Chen (楊淑貞), and has been been immersed in the world of fine art throughout her entire life.







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