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Bobo Chan Wedding Cancelled- Am I Surprised?

Bobo Chan Wedding Cancelled- Am I Surprised?

Monday, March 2, 2009
Who is the newest on the block hitting the headlines with the sex scandal? None other than Bobo Chan who was supposed to get married to the stock market magnet Philip Jin Zi Yao. This came across as a shock to Bobo who already called off for retirement from her entertainment career to settle as wife of a business tycoon.

Philip's mother is known to be very coventional and doctrinal of the folk. Philip has always been supportive for Bobo but he couldnot hold it this time because it went way off the hook. Getting married to someone whose nude pictures were all over the media is not everybodys cup of tea. He had to end the relationship for good because he had no intentions of going against his mother this time.

Actress,Singer,Model Bobo had it all? How could she end up in such mess? Only she can answer. Not only has she lost her ticket to the higher ladders of Hong Kong Society, she has landed herself in a place full of scorn and contempt.

The pornographic pictures of her and Edison Chen Koon Hei (her ex-boyfriend) were the hot topic of discussion to the online world- a discussion that shattered dreams of many. Chan was crying the entire day when the shock hit her. The mental injury was intensified when the wedding was called off by Philip.

For getting out of this turmoil she is planning of travelling to USA with her current boyfriend, Gam Yi Yiu.

There have been rumors that more of such videos and pictures of Edison Chen and other famous celebrities would be revealed soon.

I dont think I want to say this time "Can't wait" !             

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