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Edison Koon-Hei Chen

Edison Koon-Hei Chen

Edison Koon-Hei Chen (born 7 October 1980) is a Hong Kong-based Chinese Canadian film actor, rapper, Cantopop singer, model, record producer, fashion designer, and a pop icon. Chen is also the founder of CLOT Inc., and the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited. His native language is English, he is able to speak and sing Cantonese and Mandarin and also speaks conversational Japanese,[1] which allows him to be a part of multiple entertainment industries around the world. On 21 February 2008 he publicly announced that he intended to step away "indefinitely" from the Hong Kong entertainment industry due to the sex photo scandal in 2008.[2][3] However, he returned to the industry in 2010 and he stated "indefinitely" could mean 5 minutes or 2000 years.[4]

Early life
Chen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to parents (father is businessman Edward Chen) of Chinese and 1/8 Portuguese descent.[5] He was a student at R.C. Palmer Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia and also attended Hong Kong International School. He was in the same tenth grade class as fellow actor Nicholas Tse.

[edit] Career

[edit] Film

In 1999, a talent scout approached Chen while he was clubbing with friends in Hong Kong. He asked him to film a commercial. He was at the age of 19.[6] From then on, his career began with the Japanese film Dead or Alive 2: Birds. He made his Hong Kong film debut in the film Gen-Y Cops in 2000.[7] He starred in many popular films including Infernal Affairs, Infernal Affairs II, Initial D and Dog Bite Dog. His latest film is Trivial Matters. Determined to expand his horizons to countries around the world, he also starred in the Japanese drama Under the Same Moon. On October 28, during a fashion event in Beijing, Edison Chen announced that he will be starring in Initial D 2. The filming of the movie is scheduled to begin in 2011.[8]


In 2000, at the age of 20, Chen landed a record deal with Emperor Entertainment Group. It took him a number of successful album releases before he was given the opportunity to produce a hip hop album.[9] His first hip-hop release was in February 2004, called Please Steal This Album backed by MC Yan and Singaporean musician Hanjin Chen. Several singles from the album topped local pop charts. Chen mentioned the difficulty of fitting in Hong Kong, where it is dominated by cantopop, but said that hip hop has a great potential.[9]
He is featured on M-Flo's album, Cosmicolor, on the track "LOVE ME, HATE THE GAME" with Chan, Thaitanium and Ryohei Yamamoto.
After Chen's comeback in late 2009 he began work on his next album titled "CONFUSION". The record includes collaborations with well known local hip hop artists MC HotDog, MC Yan and Chef. Additional collaborations include Sammi Cheng and Jay Chou.

Edison's foray into the fashion industry accompanied his rising success as a young pop icon. Edison, along with partners Kevin Poon and Billy Ip, became the founders of CLOT Inc., a clothing company described as a "lifestyle company" that is geared toward youth culture, and bringing street fashion to China and Hong Kong.[10] The company has collaborated with many big clothing companies, such as Nike, A Bathing Ape, Subscrew and Disney. He is also part founder of clothing vendor JUICE, currently operating in Hong Kong (original), Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur with future plans to open a further 17 stores.

[edit] Multimedia company

In February, 2007, he invested $10 million HKD to open his own multi-media company, Clot Media Division, which plans to produce movies, commercials and music albums. In June, 2007, he released a Mandarin album, 讓我再次介紹我自己 (Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself) with tracks produced by Kanye West, Just Blaze and Clinton Sparks.

[edit] Community work

As early as 2001 Chen had appeared in Vancouver charity shows. He has also been a supporter for the gay and lesbian community in Hong Kong, including being voted as an icon in 2001.[7]
In 2007 he was invited by Be@rbrick toys for a charity event in Hong Kong Harbour City. The charity proceeds were donated to "Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation".[11]

[edit] Incidents

[edit] 2004 Chen assault incident

In March, 2004, two male teenagers assaulted Chen in Central District of Hong Kong.[12] The two teenagers mocked Chen with dance moves outside a record store.[13] Immediately following the dance taunt, both of the teenagers punched Chen.[13] Upon doing so the two teenagers fled the scene, and Chen gave chase. Chen eventually caught up to the two individuals as they were trying to board a bus. They were turned over to Hong Kong Police. As a result of the incident, Chen reported that he sprained his ankle and that his cheekbone and ear were also injured. Chen declined to press charges and the two individuals were released.[13]

Their lives would be ruined if I pressed charges. Their mother asked me to forgive them. I went to the hospital and got checked out and since it’s just bruises, I decided to let it go.
—Edison Chen[14]

[edit] 2007 Taxi dent incident

Chen drove to his home after midnight 9 March 2007. The gate was blocked by a Toyota Crown Comfort taxi that had just dropped off its passengers. The taxi driver then signalled Chen to move away so he could pull out, clearing the way for Chen to enter. Chen's security guard told the taxi driver to pull over so that Chen could pass. The taxi-driver insulted the security guard. Chen proceeded to have an argument with the taxi driver. Despite the presence of the security guard and other witnesses, he got out of his car and kicked the taxi several times, denting it and breaking all its windows.
He was subsequently charged by the police. On the basis of these charges he was convicted and placed on a one year good behaviour bond. He was also fined; the taxi company was granted HK$4,700 in compensation for the damage inflicted to the car.[15]

[edit] 2008 Photo scandal

In January 2008, Chen was involved in a widely publicized sex scandal when sexually explicit nude photographs of himself taken four years earlier became widely circulated on the Internet. Celebrities implicated in the scandal included Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Mandy Chen, Candice Chan, Rachel Ng and Cecilia Cheung. Nude photos of Edison's current girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, were also made public and the future of their relationship was the subject of intense media gossip.
Hong Kong police have stated that they confiscated a collection of sex-related photos that involve 6 other identifiable females and other unidentifiable males.
Initially the authenticity of the photos was denied, and digital manipulation was used as the primary explanation for the pictures. However, Hong Kong police and Photoshop experts argued that the photos were in fact real and not digitally altered. This brought about a serious reaction towards all parties involved in the scandal. As a result, Chen indirectly admitted his role and expressed remorse and subsequently announced his indefinite departure from the Hong Kong entertainment industry at a press conference.[3][16]
Due to the scandal, the Google search engine rankings for 2008 resulted in Chen's Chinese name being the number 1 search term in China, and number 3 in Taiwan.[17] Chen was runner-up to US president-elect Barack Obama in the Hong Kong Person of 2008 poll by government-run RTHK radio, with just under 30 percent of votes in the Person of the Year.[18] On June 1, 2009, Chen spoke openly about the sex photo scandal for the first time since the scandal broke in an interview with TalkAsia on CNN.[19] In the interview he reveals his side of the scandal and how he endured criticisms from the public, the media, and from the individuals affected by the case.

[edit] Personal

In Chen's personal blog, he referred to an anonymous girlfriend as "V". In 2007, he finally announced that he has been dating Vincy Yeung (the niece of EEG founder Albert Yeung) for 3 years. On an entertainment show in Taiwan, Chen disclosed that he planned to marry Vincy and that his previous playboy and womanizing habits have stopped because of his love for his current girlfriend.[20] He repeated his gratitude to her in an interview with Time Out Hong Kong magazine in March 2011.[21]

[edit] Discography

30 November 2000陳冠希 (Edison Chen)EEGCantonese EP
11 May 2001Fast and FuriousEEGCantonese Album
5 June 2001Visual Diary (Version 2)EEGCantonese Album
21 August 2001超人佳亞 (Ultraman Gaia)EEGCantonese EP
2 November 2001Ed Is OnEEGMandarin Album
20 December 2001Peace and LoveEEGCantonese Album
3 July 2002Break ThroughEEGCantonese Album
29 August 2002TransitionEEGMandarin Album
13 February 2003Hits or MissesEEGCantonese Compilation
26 February 2004Please Steal This AlbumEEGCantonese Album
4 January 2005Hazy: The 144 Hour ProjectEEGCantonese Album
18 April 2005Hazy: The 144 Hour Project (Version 2)EEGCantonese Album
21 December 2005The Best CollectionEEGCantonese Compilation
12 May 200669FM Mixtape-Cantonese Mixtape
15 June 2007讓我再次介紹我自己 (Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself)Clot Media DivisionMandarin Album
10 August 2007讓我再次介紹我自己 (Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself) (Version 2)Clot Media DivisionMandarin Album
28 December 2010CONFUSIONClot Media DivisionMandarin/Cantonese Album

[edit] Filmography

[edit] Films

[edit] TV series

[edit] Other appearances

  • 2001 - Weakest Link (一筆OUT消)
  • 2005 - MTV Whatever Things
  • 2006 - Gumball 3000: Drivin' Me Crazy

[edit] References

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